Mary Clarke

work by Mary Clarke
work by Mary Clarke
work by Mary Clarke

Mary Clarke works in her Burwash studio with both porcelain and stoneware clays making fine ornaments and stylised horses. She has travelled extensively and is now drawing those influences into her work.

Raku horses
Influenced by the work of Fernando Botero, each horse is individually made by hand, no two horses being alike. The horses are either plain glazed or raku finished.

Raku is a traditional Japanese technique of glaze firing closely linked to the Tea Ceromony. It involves removing the glazed horse from the kiln when the glaze is molten. The horse is then put in a reduction chamber and covered with sawdust to enable the smoke to penetrate the clay, creating the typical black crackle.

Porcelain and Lace
The ornaments include various porcelain hearts and other designs impressed with vintage lace to create timeless and unique pieces.

Orders and commissions welcomed.

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