Peter Castle

Platter in Sweet Chestnut 18"x 12" by Peter Castle
Hollow Form in Silver Birch approximately 10" diameter by Peter Castle
work by Peter Castle

Peter Castle is one of the four founder-members of Weald Crafts and, although he no longer actively promotes his work, is very keen to promote crafts in general and rural crafts in particular.

He has been turning wood for over 20 years, originally by means of a pole lathe but latterly using a powered lathe. Living in rural East Sussex, he finds no shortage of indigenous timber for his turning. With the emphasis being on simplicity, he prefers to allow the texture and character of each individual piece to dictate its form. No two pieces, therefore, are the same.

Wabi Sabi, an ancient Japanese philosophy, is very difficult to define. Peter’s interpretation would be ‘striving to achieve beauty in simplicity’. A goal, which is still far off on the horizon, gives much satisfaction in the journey.

Running the occasional course such as ‘Charcoal-Making’, ‘Hurdle-Making’ or ‘Tool Sharpening’ keeps him in touch with his more rustic roots. "There is nothing more therapeutic than riding a shaving horse and, with a nice clean piece of sweet chestnut, bringing it down to size with a razor sharp draw knife".......... Bliss.


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